The Origin group is focused purely on production animal health with coverage throughout the UK across all major species. With the continued financial backing and support from August Equity, the Group has been able to expand organically and via strategic acquisitions establishing leading brands that provide representation in all of the key production animal sectors. In addition, the Group has invested in diagnostic and consultant capability to support each business area and to provide evolving services as government funding reduces and the utilisation of data in support of decisions becomes ever more important.

Throughout the business and replicated across all species, the Group is consistent in its support of our client base and the wider industry in delivering exceptional levels of service for proactive animal health and welfare at the core enabling professional keepers to operate systems at optimum efficiency.

Throughout this ongoing period of expansion, the group has benefitted from leadership provided by a veterinary lead team, supplemented by specific commercial expertise. The focus of the management team has therefore been to supplement existing client services with the experience from other areas of the group and ensure that animal health and welfare is at the core of everything that we do. This, combined with an ever changing market, have provided a unique opportunity to establish a truly differentiated business model.

The group continues to be active in the appraisal of complementary opportunities whilst looking to provide a supportive environment for like-minded veterinary teams. Growth is anticipated to be delivered from further acquisitions of businesses in every area of the market, in all geographies and related to all associated products and services.

Given the breadth of experience across the Group and unprecedented access to key clients, systems and caseloads, the Group has invested significantly in support services to its core veterinary activity. Post mortem capability, diagnostic testing, test developments, learning and development/Knowledge Transfer and Research delivery have dedicated resource to drive the client service proposition. This has established a market leading position, defining innovative approaches to animal health on a continuing basis.