To help provide the progressive service that today’s modern commercial poultry enterprises demand, Poultry Health Services, Minster Poultry and Gamebird Vets, and Retford Poultry Partnership are joining forces under the one name Poultry Health Services (PHS).

Poultry is the most innovative and dynamic sector in modern agriculture and the Origin group recognises its responsibility to ensure the sector is serviced by a modern, efficient and forward thinking veterinary service.

The needs of all poultry producers, from domestic poultry keepers, to commercial meat and egg production, through to the science-led breeding and hatchery sector, have changed.  PHS, as a dedicated modern veterinary service provider, has developed to meet the individual needs of all producers.  No longer can a vet dictate how and what service they provide – all producers deserve a bespoke service, tailor-made to each client and the departments within their business. This is the key to success.

Clients are the primary focus of the whole PHS team. The merger brings together leading poultry vets, laboratory teams and experienced practice support which will allow all clients to benefit from the combined strengths and expertise of each individual business, and provide access to the full range of dedicated support services.

PHS offers internationally acclaimed veterinary care for all poultry keepers, including elite breeding stock, backed by a full range of diagnostic capabilities as required by modern poultry keepers. The Minster team delivers high quality services across large and small layers, broiler producers and gamebirds and the merger with PHS will ensure the breadth of the UK poultry industry can benefit from its consultancy, laboratory and training services. Retford, one of the UK’s oldest established poultry practices run by a team with over 35 years of experience in the health and welfare of all varieties of birds, bring their unique and committed service to the new combined business.

Evidence Based Service – Insight, Innovation, Results

  • Services and support are evidence-based and outcomes are monitored to ensure the advice delivers positive, and sustainable, production results
  • Combined strength of cutting edge integrated poultry laboratories and the UK’s leading production animal reference laboratory for accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • Supported by senior consulting vets and an active research team
  • Increased range of laboratory tests
  • In house testing delivers reduced test turnaround time
  • Online access to secure website so that clients can check current and historical flock records, treatment records and laboratory test results

Better value medicines

Origin, PHS’s parent company, is able to offer smart and effective medicine sourcing and direct supply based on aggregate group buying power plus innovative partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies.