We operate 3 well established laboratory sites at Edinburgh, York, and Huntingdon. We also have farm animal Post Mortem services at sites throughout England. The group sites cooperate to provide a full range of veterinary and food safety related testing in all farm and companion animal species. Group laboratories operate to a number of internationally recognized quality standards such as ISO17025, GLP and GMP. Full details are available on the websites of each laboratory.

Edinburgh (Biobest)

Biobest was founded in 1995 as the first UK private sector laboratory with specialist capability in cell culture, virology and infectious disease diagnostics. Molecular diagnostic (PCR) capability was added in 2000 and this continues to be an area of strength and growth through innovative new tests and collaborations.

Biobest continues to receive samples from all over the world for routine diagnosis, proof of immunity and contract studies in this area of speciality. It has also diversified into providing a comprehensive veterinary laboratory service to veterinary practices throughout the UK and Ireland and covers both farm and companion animals. It is also a VMD recognized provider of stem cells for regenerative treatment of tendon injuries in horses and stem cell treatments in other species.


The York laboratory originally developed to serve the needs of the Minster Veterinary Practice and offers a full range of tests in companion and farm animals with a particular emphasis on poultry serology and bacteriology. With the addition of the Garth Practice to the group the York site is being developed further to service the requirements of the Garth veterinary team and as a centre of expertise in mammalian bacteriology.


The Poultry Health Services laboratory is based at Hemingford Grey, near Huntingdon. It was developed to provide Poultry Health Services clients with a full range of high quality, cost-effective, veterinary tests. The laboratory is an essential part of PHS’s integrated service to its clients that maximises the health, welfare and productivity of their livestock, to help improve food quality and safety and, thereby, to contribute to the profitability of their businesses. The laboratory also provides Salmonella tests for the Group.

Post Mortem Services

The ability to have a competent post mortem examination conducted is fundamental to the investigation of disease in livestock species. Not only does this require an understanding of pathology and disease in these species; but also a comprehensive knowledge of the ancillary testing required to confidently reach a diagnosis. The Group perform both Surveillance and Private Post Mortems of livestock species at sites throughout England. Our headquarters for the service are the Sutton Bonington (Minster) practice, where a Senior Large Animal Pathologist, Alan Murphy, is based. He leads the pathology working group within the organisation which provides ongoing training, CPD and assessment of colleagues conducting post mortems at other sites. These additional post mortem facilities have been developed in collaboration with a number of licensed fallen stock companies and the current locations are the South East, South West and Derbyshire.