Vets, researchers and professionals from Origin work with partners at all levels of the food chain, providing opinion, advice and knowledge. By working with key organisations and individuals, we are able to bring a positive impact to a wider population of food producing animals, improving their health and welfare, driving farm profitability, protecting public health and improving the global environment.

Through relationships with academic institutions, government, first purchasers, supermarkets and the wider veterinary and agricultural industry, members of our team support the important role that farmers, meat and milk processors and food retailers deliver, in producing safe, nutritious food of animal origin.

Members of our team are at the forefront of the issues affecting food producing animals, diseases affecting human and animal health and protection of the food chain. We believe we have an integral role to play in protecting the animals under our care from new and emerging diseases, influencing farming methods and standards, and improving the husbandry of food producing species. We believe we have an important role in helping society to minimize public health risks such as antimicrobial resistance, bovine TB and rabies.

Over the next 35 years, the world’s population will increase by 40% – 11 billion people will inhabit our planet by 2050. Over this same period, the demand for animal based protein will increase at a faster rate, with an anticipated 70% increase in meat and milk products required to feed the changing dietary requirements of our growing global population. Coupled with the challenges of climate change, globalization and world economic and political uncertainties, improving the health and welfare of food producing animals requires true partnership in animal health. Through key relationships, political and industry influence and an evidence based approach, Origin is uniquely positioned to drive changes that improve the lives of livestock and poultry and uphold the values of Science, Commitment and Results.

A number in the group hold honorary or joint academic positions, teaching the next generation of animal health professionals, supporting Masters and PhD students and partnering evidence based learning and research. These institutions include The University of Surrey, the Royal Veterinary College, Kingston University, Strathclyde University, The University of the West of England and vet schools in the USA and Australia.

Industry bodies, trade associations and government committees are a key driver of animal health policy at a national level. Professionals from Origin provide insight, integrity and influence in the decision making process of many local, regional and national bodies that operate in this sector. Through key leadership and membership positions such as on BVA committees, the British Egg Council, the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England, sector vet associations and TB England Action Group, our vets are at the forefront of developing animal health policy.