Farmacy is Origin’s highly successful online pharmacy business.

By making farm animal medicines and medical supplies readily available at the best possible prices, Farmacy brings many benefits to farmers while making the work of vets easier and more profitable as well.

The service is open to all, and is the pharmacy of choice for many independent vet practices as well as for farmers buying direct and of course for our own Westpoint farm vets.


A cost-effective one-stop-shop for all

Founded in 2005 by a group of forward-thinking vets, Farmacy has fast become a one-stop-shop for livestock farmers and their vets, whether or not they work with Westpoint Farm Vets.

Historically, medicines have been expensive to buy for farmers and vets alike. Vets previously also needed to bulk buy stock to enable their practices to have the right medicines to dispense to farmers immediately upon requirement.

Farmacy solves both of these issues. It helps vets and producers be more profitable, and have more time to spend on their core work instead of predicting medical requirements and storing medicines correctly and safely on site.

Today Farmacy serves around 2,000 customers, including a large number of veterinary practices in the UK.


Key Farmacy features:

  • One-stop-shop for all prescription and non-prescription medicines and medical supplies
  • Direct delivery, usually within 2 working days
  • Easy online ordering 24/7, with telephone support from 9 – 5 Monday – Friday
  • Reward Points with every order for savings on future orders
  • Free veterinary surgeon telephone support
  • Secure payment via credit card, debit card and PayPal
  • Delivery by specialist logistics expert with cold chain integrity for vaccine transportation
  • No prescription charges for Westpoint Farm Vets clients
  • Advice, training and education both online and through our monthly newsletter


As green as we can be

Farmacy wants to make the business as environmentally friendly as possible, and are keen to make deliveries as green as they can be.

For the transportation of medicines at controlled temperatures, they use Woolcool® instead of polystyrene whenever possible. Woolcool® is an innovative product which harnesses the formidable insulation properties of sheep’s wool. It is recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and of course sustainable as well.

They also work with a national courier network which helps reduce the number of individual trips made to deliver medicines around the country. Using a central hub and clever co-ordination this means 100s of packages can be delivered by the same van in one day.