A dedicated research team with 50+ years’ experience

Origin uniquely combines our high calibre research capability with access to the very animals whose health and productivity we are researching. We work alongside the 100+ vets in our Ruminant (Westpoint Farm Vets), Pig (Garth Pig Practice), and Poultry practices (Minster Vets & Poultry Health Services) to deliver clinical field trials, collaborative academic research, and to develop a robust evidence base to support our veterinary decision-making. We are supported by Biobest, our specialist GLP accredited diagnostic laboratory, with a range of diagnostic tools.

Well respected, well connected

Our core research team has over 50 years’ combined experience of running clinical trials to GCPv and GLP for product development and registration, as well as a wide range of other research projects for government, levy boards, academic institutions and charities. Origin also has representatives within many leading agricultural and research establishments.

Taking research into practice 

We conduct different types of research including veterinary clinical field trials, field disease surveys and laboratory investigations, generally conducted on client farms in partnership with the farm’s vet, conducted to internationally recognised research quality standards such as Good Clinical Practice (Veterinary) – GCPv.

We regularly conduct pre-registration trials in cattle and pigs, and recent academic work includes a three year anthelmintic efficacy study where 143 groups of animals on client farms (2,670 animals in total) were taken through egg count reduction studies to evaluate treatment responses. This work was conducted in collaboration with expert parasitologists and our own laboratory, and has been presented at national and international conferences. It was funded by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), and the outcomes have informed the industry and policy makers on different aspects of anthelmintic resistance.

The research team also works directly with our own vets, discussing real life case issues, and building a robust evidence base to support our clinical services. Recent research on bull fertility derived from our routine bull fertility testing data won a clinical research award at the 2014 World Buiatrics Congress in Australia, and is one of many examples the synergy between the research and clinical teams.

Taking research into practice keeps our vets at the very forefront of evidence-based knowledge in animal health, benefiting our farmers, our partners and the livestock industry as a whole.

Our research falls broadly into 3 categories:

  • Support for the animal health industry
  • Our clinical field trials support the registration of new medicines and vaccines, and the more detailed understanding of existing medicines.
  • Academic research
  • We lead consortia and collaborate with university and research institutions, charities and levy boards to conduct clinical field trials and investigations around responsible medicine use, production and welfare issues.
  • Evidence and research-driven veterinary practice at farm level
  • Our clinical working groups see vets across the UK researching specific aspects of animal health in real, on-farm scenarios. As and when appropriate, a working group’s findings are referred to our core research team for further investigation.


Westpoint Farm Vets

  • Production Animal Practice
    • Ruminant Based
      • Also pigs, camelids, game birds
  • 21 practices nationally
  • 80,000 dairy cows on over 250 farms plus beef, sheep, pigs, game birds and camelids
  • 8,000+ farm clients in 5 distinct regions across the UK
  • 70 livestock vets: on-farm industry leaders in mastitis, milk quality, reproduction and lameness
  • paraprofessional services including: foot trimming, mobility, calf health and udder health scoring
  • practices “Investing in Herd Health”
  • supported by Biobest Laboratory, supplying: CHeCS accredited testing schemes for BVD, IBR, Johne’s, Leptospiroses. Routine mastitis diagnostics including bacteriology and PCR parasitology diagnostics

Garth Pig Practice

  • 3 main operating sites:
  • Yorkshire, East Anglia, Scotland.
  • Servicing 102,000 sows and progeny
  • Farm size from 2500 sow to 120 sow
  • Dedicated Laboratory Services
  • Active assessors for BPHS in 4 assured abattoirs
  • Providers of training direct on farms or through dedicated workshops

Minster Vets & Poultry Health Services

  • 15 Full Time Poultry Vets
  • 9 Locations Nationwide
  • Dedicated Poultry Laboratories
  • Broilers
    • ~220 million growers
    • 1M parents
  • Ducks
    • 9 million commercial ducks
    • All the birds higher up breeding pyramid to Elite status
  • Turkeys
    • 4 million turkeys (hatchery and rearing)
    • + the 90K breeders that produce them
  • Laying Chickens
    • 3 – 4 million layers in lay
    • 18M commercial layers in hatchery
    • 7M layers in rear

~10 million game birds

Click here to meet our core research team, with 50+ years’ combined experience of designing and executing GCP(V) and GLP pharmaceutical and vaccine trials

For enquiries please contact:

Lindsay Heasman PhD on tel. +44 791 279 9961, or email lindsay.heasman@westpointfarmvets.co.uk