Westpoint Farm Vets has built its successful business providing high quality, evidence-based veterinary services to livestock farmers. Talented vets are crucial both to the success of our clients, and to the success of our own organisation. At Westpoint we consistently employ many of the most dedicated and committed vets in the industry.

With practices spread across the UK, Westpoint is the largest veterinary group in the UK dealing specifically with production animals, both ruminant and other production species.

Farmers working with us have the opportunity to source knowledge from across the group resulting in an excellent level of service. Our local vets offer all the hands-on dedication traditionally associated with practice. These vets and their clients can also rely on the back-up of a national group right at the forefront of the animal health industry.

As our vets can work closely with Biobest, other laboratories and our own research department, they have access to the most up-to-date information available to help them. This enables them to assist farmers in maximizing the health of their animals, their productivity and their profits. In a perfect loop, the on-farm findings of our vets fuel the work of our research department, and in turn our research results influence the work back on the farm. As our research team is working with universities, research institutes and other centres of excellence this means we also help the industry address key welfare, disease and production constraints.

Extending and sharing knowledge:

The entire group is committed to constantly improving knowledge and imparting best practice across the whole of the animal health industry.  To facilitate this we have developed innovative ways to assist knowledge-sharing both within our group and also amongst the rest of the industry, including our web-based training platform, alongside more traditional group training approaches.

For our vets, we have clinical working groups, focused on providing the most up to date approaches to maintain and improve herd and flock health. Our clinical working groups regularly review new and cutting edge literature and liaise with other agri-businesses such as Kingshay to provide educational material for other vets and farmer groups. The Medicines Board assesses the most cost effective treatment protocols we should consider on a day to day basis, as well as reviewing and advising on medicine best practice; this is important with the ever increasing pressure on the responsible use of antimicrobials.

We invest in bringing new knowledge and skills to our vets through training and mentorship programmes and many of our vets maintain a clinical work load whilst studying for further qualifications such as PhDs, Diplomas, Certificates and other post-graduate qualifications.

Within the group we have vets sitting on national committees dedicated to supporting the animal health industry in the UK and provide expert support to the retail chain and the pharmaceutical industry. Others are asked to share their knowledge at industry events, or have their work published in the farming or veterinary media. This is an important part of our work ensuring our knowledge is transferred in a way to benefit the entire industry.